Victor Xray: Lamplighter

Lamplighter, Scot McPhee’s classic 2010 dubstep album – previously only issued on his Xray Dubs website and for a long time unavailable – flew under the radar and richly deserves this reissue. Scot’s Victor Xray project explored smooth dubstep and hyperdub influences, melded with the breakbeat & dub of Scot’s earlier incarnations including Now:Zero and G-Type Nerve Agent.

Debuting with his Dark Arts Of Dub EP in 2007, Scot performed as Victor Xray a number of times including feature appearances at Trans:Com’s Silhouette Series and Upgrade events, as well as producing dub-style remixes for Projekt Inertia and The Isle.

Freaked out by suburban Brisbane and stoned outta my gourd… what the hell what was I thinking!” Scot McPhee, 2020.


Also available on iTunes