Pure Bunk: Man-Dog Bites


With this six-track CD Man-Dog Bites, Pure Bunk have not only removed the 40 minute, pot-fuelled yawn-fests, they’ve made a concept album you can dance to.

Which is wholly appropriate, because Man-Dog Bites concerns itself with the body – body image, genetic science, human evolution and the like. So, while you’re thinking about the body, you can shake yours around. Think Nitzer Ebb, think Front 242, and you might come close.

This release sees Pure Bunk cast its peculiar eye over a world where ears grow on the backs of mice, super athletes and supermodels explore the limits of body mutation, and a Dr Seed draws up his plans to create human clones. In short, a world where people have too much time on their hands…

…and it all comes from good stock. Man-Dog Bites has inherited the best genes of its vintage electronic music predecessors. Its half an hour of analogue-soaked pleasure, from the space opera Eugene vs Influenzor through a genetic re-jigging of Stevie Wonder’s Superstition to the monstrous Insanadu. There’s the baccanalian celebration of Cellulicious and the stomping funk of Standards, a hare-brained plan for a brighter future. It closes with a bionic upgrade of General Dynamics Stole My Body, originally from Pure Bunk’s 1991 cassette.


Also available on iTunes