Projekt Inertia: Fall Away Like Rain


Fall Away Like Rain is Projekt Inertia’s 3rd single from 2012’s album We Believe In Now.

Many pundits who have actually listened to this wonderful bands achievements believe this to be the strongest of the 3 singles. As usual Projekt Inertia are exploring the progressive house / indie music boundaries and blending them seamlessly. Once again, Projekt Inertia’s attention to detail with their choice of remixers (the band choose their own remixers through the wonderful facility that is Soundcloud) have augmented their sound into a great package of 2010 / 2011 dance music.

Cutting edge dance music. Evolution in real time. Vocals and rhythms made for dancing and chanting in clubs across the world.

Now that we have your attention, it would be a perfect time to go back through the Lemonade and Bangkok releases to see what Projekt Inertia offers.


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