Projekt Inertia: Bangkok


What started as a two piece dance act (known as Inertia) from Perth and Sydney who enjoyed strong success, particularly in the live circuit, Projekt Inertia is now a 4 piece indietronica act who are focused on making great tunes – tunes capable of being expressed anywhere from a pumping dancefloor through to a chilled out acoustic vibe and many of the spaces between.

The essence of Projekt Inertia’s sound is a melodic sensibility, underpinned by an urgent, driving tech house rhythm – think of many of the seminal acts who crossover genres, almost creating their own brand and you’re on your way to understanding the type of music these lads are creating right now.

Projekt Inertia’s sound is augmented by their choice of artists for collaboration – check out the mixes of new single Bangkok, and the forthcoming Lemonade and Fall Away Like Rain releases. This is brand spanking new music which is so fresh the studio leads are still attached!

TransCom’s Bangkok release features some established and up and coming DJs who have added their touch to the Projekt Inertia sound.

  • Ian O’Donovan (recently signed to Bedrock) has dropped two wonderful mixes already getting support from the likes of Laurent Garnier and Sasha le Monnier prior to the official promo being released!
  • Outsider is renowned producer Marvin Beaver, also known as Dylan Rhymes. The popular LOT49 artist brings a tough tech sound to the release already being well received on dancefloors.
  • Ego Valente’s Iberian Mix has gathered strong support from his stable-mates at Techno Mafia.
  • Alex BatiQua has worked with the Low Pressings team and is a new talent on the rise.
  • Projekt Inertia’s own Mathew Sallur delivered the Unity Mix, which rounds out the show on a minimal tech house vibe.


Also available on iTunes