lowkey+nude: Empiricism 7


The seminal debut album from Low Key + Nude.

Low Key Operations (Michael Hogg) debuted on the Cyberia compilation in 1995 with several cutting breakbeat techno tracks, and by 1997 had progressed far beyond that into experimental dark techno territory; truly original. Nude Productions (Clare McGrogan) added her emotive spoken word performance to several tracks on this CD, completing a picture of unique experimentation and originality.

A few years ago, the only sounds I had heard from Low Key Operations were heavy breakbeats so this album comes as quite a surprise, with Empiricism 7’s soundscapes hauntingly quiet. Michael Hogg’s vision can be dark and even industrial at times (as they are on the electrifying opener ‘Rufige’) but there’s always the beat to take you further along on his journey and the sounds never get slowed down by the atmosphere. When the tempo slows, as it does in ‘The Cylinder Where It Is’ and ‘Sanctus’, there’s a wonderful tension that keeps the songs alive.” Mock-E: Time Off

The digital release of Empiricism 7 includes 2 bonus edits of Philtre and Rufige.


Also available on iTunes