House Guests: Stealth and Intervention


The history of Transmission Communications pre-dates the Evidence compilation by several years. Years in which the label’s founder Dennis Remmer, along with Simon Reid, recorded and experimented with electronic music.

This project of pure synth-pop, instrumental experiments and exercises in sampling, recording and remixing, was known as the House Guests. It was the desire to bring together projects such as the House Guests which gave impetus to the formation of the label. Indeed the House Guests featured on TransCom’s debut CD compilation Evidence, providing two tracks from `Stealth – Inter and Myriad.

This CD captures the heyday of this activity – the Stealth and Intervention album, previously released on cassette (only 50 copies) by the group, along with some early recordings and a remix of a hitherto unreleased track. The CD is custom manufactured by the label and released only through mail-order.

`Stealth captures the influences of early English electronica, with emphasis on the design of the tracks and melody, DIY ethics, a nod to the chaos of analogue techniques and equipment, and the influences of the turn of a decade.