Cyberia (Compilation)


Released in 1995, Cyberia was the first release of its kind for Brisbane. It brought together the finest techno artists from the North, and showcased many styles, covering Ambient Techno, Tribal House, Breakbeat, and Experimental.

Debuting on this CD were Low Key Operations, Stormboy and Ande Foster. Also featured on the CD are new works from 8E38, SonnenSystem, and a series of 4 remixes of material from The Isle, Ghee (Morgan Geist – on CD only), Sphere and SonnenSystem from the Evidence CD. An essential and critically acclaimed compilation.

“Very impressive with immediately addictive tracks that cross the board – from the minimal and string laden depth of Stormboy’s Robotika, to the tribal aura of 8E38’s Africana which counters with fast pulsating beats – which fall in the first section of the CD labelled `Intelligence’. Backing up that section is the old school breaks of SonnenSystem’s epic Hardcore Buddhist and the harder trance of 8E38’s Helios. The second section is `Precision’, which includes the hard breakbeats of Low Key Operations’ Subsonic Nightmare, a dark and moody affair which continues on in their In Sync V which overlays some strong soaring synths (if on 12” single, this would see some strong play).’‘ Lampwick: 3D-World Mag


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