Cyan Vow: Play It Like A Machine


Cyan Vow represents the evolution of an artist who first found inspiration through the works of that pioneer of electronic music – Gary Numan. With The Force commanding him to purchase a synthesizer at an early age, Duncan Fairbrother set about deconstructing what he heard into sounds and textures later to find a home in Sphere; an original of the species that existed through the Nineties and released a number of brilliant neo-synthpop / dark wave tracks and techno remixes through TransCom. After entering the 21st century via his Alieonix alias, we now find Duncan capitalising on his exposure to the best of British electro, trance & electronica with Cyan Vow; also featuring guests vocals from Alice James.

The Cyan Vow “Play It Like A Machine” album is a Trans:Com digital release exclusively through iTunes.

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Available on iTunes