RELEASE: Blood Party – Rock ‘n’ Roll Psychology (Redux)

Released 1st October from Transmission Communications via iTunes Aus/NZ and a very limited edition deluxe CD pack.

Trans:Com is re-releasing one of its most treasured things; the long deleted, previously only released on cassette, and debut/final album from Brisbane’s brilliant Blood PartyRock n Roll Psychology – with bonus tracks from Trans:Com compilations and promos, and even some very early but very wonderful demos.

Who were the Blood Party, and why were they such a critical stitch in the fabric of Brisbane electronic / alternative music? Allow us to paraphrase another of our excellent peers; Ostia’s own Amps

“The impact, diversity and importance of the alternative music movement that simmered in Queensland’s capital from the late 80’s to the mid-90’s cannot be under-estimated. I was captivated by The Blood Party’s live performance; and particularly by their enigmatic singer, Julie Kavanagh. Julie delivered an intense performance, whilst the band pumped out an exhilarating mix of pop hooks and danceable beats that set them light-years apart from the guitar-based bands that, whilst often brilliant, dominated the scene at the time. But… The Blood Party had us all fooled…

The elegant synths, memorable melodies and effervescent beats belied something darker and more visceral. Julie’s lyrical exertions were often akin to catharsis; an exorcism of discomfort and assorted hurts, and whilst her fraught and fractured lyrics took a backseat in the band’s more instrumental works (try “Mud Pool Goddess” for starters), beneath the upbeat lustre of the melodies, there still lurked something more primal… a clarion call to stifled feminism, freedom and liberty.”

Beautifully remastered by Andy Bagley from original recordings by James Clark, the new digital rerelease features the original 7-track album, 3 rare compilation tracks, and the band’s original demo recordings. An exclusive numbered run of 100 deluxe CD editions will be for sale only through the Trans:Com website, specially packaged with a 20-page booklet featuring photography by Kylie Crane.

This re-release is a joy for us, and its been too long in coming. The 90’s was a time of great origination in Brisbane, when our electronic music culture grew from nothing, and these recordings from Blood Party are an absolutely essential part of that story.

Preview it and pre-order it now at iTunes. The exclusive numbered CD edition is available directly from us through our website.

COMING SOON: Projekt Inertia – We Believe In Now (deluxe edition album), and more…

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RELEASE: The Isle – La Femme Exotique

THE ISLE is the creative platform for Anna Petrou and Dennis Remmer, who also founded and direct the Trans:Com record label.

The Isle formed in 1994 and debuted on the Evidence compilation released that year, with a highly original dark-wave piece called ‘Politically Incorrect’ which was subsequently remixed by Morgan Geist (aka Metro Area / Environ Records – New York) for the follow-up Cyberia compilation. The Isle’s rare but popular live appearances are well received for their original, melodic, atmospheric electronic works, with the band performing for the Clan Analogue collective, and later in conjunction with Ostia, Blood Party, Sphere, Tycho Brahe, and Dizzygotheca; culminating in an appearance at the Silhouette Series event.

Dennis was also one half of the House Guests project that had been recording and experimenting since the late 80’s with analogue synthesizers, samplers and early drum machines. Their output is compiled on the Stealth and Intervention album. Anna – a classically trained violinist – has recorded and performed with one of Brisbane’s premier industrial acts; Dogmachine.

With key influences including New Order, Durutti Column, Cocteau Twins, GusGus, Single Gun Theory, Orbital, Cabaret Voltaire, Warp and Factory Records; The Isle’s occasional but always original output and performances deliver a diverse combination of electro, synthpop, and leftfield production.

Unashamedly and perversely sporadic, The Isle have re-entered the fray in 2011 with a new single La Femme Exotique; which combines a distinctly retro electro composition with French lyrics (of course!). Think The Knife sharing a croissant with Visage!

For this single they have worked with long-term collaborators and fellow Brisbane originals Ande Foster, Scot McPhee of Victor Xray / Nerve Agent / Now Zero, and Anthony LeRoy of Friends Of Alice Ivy / Ostia fame; all
3 delivering their own unique remix interpretations.

Sample it and support it at iTunes Aus/N, and continue enjoying progressive innovative electronica from Australia’s own TransCom. Physical copies of the single are available directly from us through our Discogs store.

(c) 2011 Transmission Communications – Contact us for additional media resources and promos

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RELEASE: Projekt Inertia – Fall Away Like Rain

Available now from TransCom via iTunes Aus/NZ…FALL AWAY LIKE RAIN – the 3rd single from Projekt Inertia‘s forthcoming LP We Believe In Now.Joining its brilliant siblings; the Bangkok and Lemonade singles, Fall Away Like Rain completes a trilogy of storming singles from Australia’s very own Projekt Inertia; who have augmented their sound into a great package of 2011 dance music.

As usual Projekt Inertia are exploring the progressive house / indie music boundaries and blending them seamlessly. Once again Projekt Inertia’s attention to detail with their choice of remixers – chosen by the band through Soundcloud – is exquisite: James Kininmonth, Ilya Hype, Alessandro, Silinder, Alen Milivojevic, and Ego Valente.

But really it doesn’t matter how much we wax lyrical about our wonderful new single. We know its really good. Its preferable that you do it… Will you?

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RELEASE: Projekt Inertia – Lemonade

Available now from TransCom via iTunes Aus/NZ…LEMONADE – the 2nd single from Projekt Inertia‘s LP We Believe In Now.

Lemonade follows on from the storming Bangkok single currently gaining solid airplay and support from DJs like Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke and John Digweed.

Lemonade is a tour de force EP of progressive electronic goodness; as always featuring Projekt Inertia’s songwriting superiority. Check the main version and its dub sibling for the band’s core of leftfield tech house pop sensibilities. Backing up with remixes from across the globe including Hernan Cerbello, Cyan Vow (TransCom’s very own Duncan Fairbrother), ANA, Luis Pitti & Carlos Kinn, Beatronik, and Ryan Van Blanken.

Sample it and support it at iTunes (click the cover image to access it), and continue enjoying progressive innovative electronica from Australia’s own TransCom. Physical copies of the EP are available directly from us through our Discogs store. This is the way forward…

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RELEASE: Projekt Inertia – Bangkok

What started as a two piece dance act (known as Inertia) from Perth and Sydney who enjoyed strong success, particularly in the live circuit, Projekt Inertia is now a 4 piece indietronica act who are focused on making great tunes – tunes capable of being expressed anywhere from a pumping dancefloor through to a chilled out acoustic vibe and many of the spaces between.

The essence of Projekt Inertia’s sound is a melodic sensibility, underpinned by an urgent, driving tech house rhythm – think of many of the seminal acts who crossover genres, almost creating their own brand and you’re on your way to understanding the type of music these lads are creating right now.

Projekt Inertia’s sound is augmented by their choice of artists for collaboration – check out the mixes of new single Bangkok, and the forthcoming Lemonade and Fall Away Like Rain releases. This is brand spanking new music which is so fresh the studio leads are still attached!

TransCom’s Bangkok release features some established and up and coming DJs who have added their touch to the Projekt Inertia sound.

  • Ian O’Donovan (recently signed to Bedrock) has dropped two wonderful mixes already getting support from the likes of Laurent Garnier and Sasha le Monnier prior to the official promo being released!
  • Outsider is renowned producer Marvin Beaver, also known as Dylan Rhymes. The popular LOT49 artist brings a tough tech sound to the release already being well received on dancefloors.
  • Ego Valente’s Iberian Mix has gathered strong support from his stable-mates at Techno Mafia.
  • Alex BatiQua has worked with the Low Pressings team and is a new talent on the rise.
  • Projekt Inertia’s own Mathew Sallur delivered the Unity Mix, which rounds out the show on a minimal tech house vibe.

The package is forming now in real-time on Soundcloud and Facebook – and we are sure you want to stay informed!

Keep an eye out for this act – their tunes are hitting dancefloors around the globe.

Click here to purchase this release on iTunes

Projekt Inertia’s “Bangkok” is a Trans:Com digital release exclusively through iTunes.

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