Where can I buy BNE?


The Deluxe Edition of BNE is still available from us, as well as selected independent book and record stores in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. An updated Electronic Edition of the BNE book is in development, and the music is also available via via iTunes. You can still order the Deluxe Edition to guarantee your copy of this very limited edition.

Why Are You Doing This?

For the love of independently produced electronic music created in our city of Brisbane, with all the challenges and innovation that’s part of that story.

Where is [Band X] – they should be included?

Original research for BNE took two years, and our methods for getting to the 140+ bands/artists included in the first edition of BNE included:

  • Bands and artists we knew of, collaborated with, etc
  • Soundcloud, Discogs, etc searching for acts and producers from Brisbane – particularly those with releases
  • Having a submission page open for 2 years on this site where we invited people to advise those we weren’t aware of
  • Posting on various forums incl. InTheMix
  • Then asking all of these people, who THEY knew of and recommended

Through this activity – we targeted about 160 bands/artists, with the vast majority included, 1 or 2 saying they didn’t want to contribute, and some which did not respond to our invitations. What can you do!

Anyway, we are always on the hunt for new Brisbane electronic music bands and artists  or whose information came in after we went into production. If you have suggestions or information on artists that should be incorporated in this way, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch regarding future updates.


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