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Book Launch at GOMA – 18 October 2014

Our thanks to GOMA and those that attended for a great afternoon outside Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) Store to further celebrate this wonderful thing that is BNE!

DJ Jen-E followed up her awesome set at the Brisbane Powerhouse with this appearance at GOMA, and there was a lively Q&A session featuring a whole bunch of Brisbane’s electronic music luminaries!


BNE Powerhouse Event Poster

The BNE Powerhouse Event – 6 September 2014

BNE was launched at the Brisbane Powerhouse on Saturday 6th September 2014; featuring live performances from The Megamen, Vision Four 5, Soma Rasa, and Boxcar, supported by DJ Jen-E; all of which are luminaries in the Brisbane scene, and several of which who reformed exclusively for the event.

Witnessed by a full house of Brisbane devotees spanning the decades, each of the bands smashed it; giving 200% with their brilliant sets of electronica, visuals, and performance.

“People will talk about last night for years to come.” (BNE Facebook comment)


BNE: The Megamen

BNE: The Megamen

The Megamen; new romantics hailing from the earliest period in the BNE story, returned to Earth from hyperspace and showed us all the calibre of their magic.

Four tracks, four costume changes, and striking visuals. Synthpop sounds brought into the contemporary, and the crowd loved it.

The original lineup of Zhian, Mark and Lance reminded us all of their style and flair.

“…a blast from the past which I hope doesn’t remain in the past… Much respect.” (Facebook comment)

BNE: Vision Four 5

BNE: Vision Four 5

Vision Four 5; Brisbane’s masters of house and trance, returned home for an absolutely killer set, featuring the stone cold classics Cyberphobia, Funkify Yourself, Caamora, Purple Lamp, Cowbell, Burn (Silver Stars), and Everything You Need.

Noel ‘1990’ Burgess and Tim Gruchy – himself such a keystone in Brisbane’s formative years of electronic experimentation – blasted us back to a golden period of rave and house, and the moves on the dancefloor reflected it!

“Vision45 smashing it…” (Live tweet during BNE) “They were fantastic!!!” “Amazing set guys.” (Facebook comments) 

BNE: Soma Rasa

BNE: Soma Rasa

Soma Rasa followed suit, bringing us bang up to date with their incredible rhythms; delivering a stunning set of their massive hits. With the core lineup of brothers Bill and Dan Hazard, and Shannon Jessop, they brought the house down and the groove on the Turbine Platform was electric.

A spent force at the end of their set, and with an encore in demand, the lads managed to pull one last card from their back pockets and stunned with a remarkable cover normally saved for personal use. Thanks for sharing!

“Soma Rasa tearing the roof off the joint at BNE last night… Such beats!” (Tweet) 

BNE: Boxcar

BNE: Boxcar

And then came Boxcar. Of such importance to the BNE story, and with such international credentials, it was only right that they should crown this remarkable event.

Featuring a unique and very special incarnation of the band, Boxcar carved out slices of sublime electronica, including their massive hits Freemason, Lelore, Universal Hymn, What Are You So Happy About and many others. It was a triumphant return home.

Finally, a massive shout out to DJ Jen-E who delivered a brilliant mash-up of BNE-only tunes throughout the night. Stunning and unique.

“That was the highlight event of my year.” (BNE feedback)

…More to come? Watch this space…



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