BNE Erratum

This is where late additions that came in after the BNE book and audio archive went into production, as well as any corrections, will appear. Also included (*) are bands/artists we were aware of but were unable to contact (or didn’t reply) for the first edition. Together BNE and the information below will form a complete set of knowledge on all possible Brisbane-based electronic music producers.

This information will be incorporated into any future follow-on editions of BNE. Refer to the FAQ on how to submit changes. Who do you know?

Watch this space.

  • Anal Cookie
  • Collapsicon
  • Conscience Quartet
  • Electric Tipi Collective
  • Forced Audience *
  • Full Fathom Five *
  • Ground Zero
  • Humans Minus Government *
  • Lord Chezwell
  • Mark Briais *
  • Memory Loss *
  • Multiple Man *
  • Neuron Compost *
  • Octogroover *
  • one23
  • Puzahki
  • Science Project *
  • Slop Rock
  • Snow Husky *
  • The Technicians
  • Tincture *
  • Towtruck *

* Please get in touch.

2 comments on “BNE Erratum

  1. Hi mark, Dennis here. I tried contacting you last year to be included in the book, but the emails I sent mustn’t have reached you. I’m doing an addendum now for the ebook, so yes please keen to get you in. Have you seen the physical book yet?

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