BNE Project

The BNE Project celebrates 35 years of independent electronic music production in Brisbane from 1979 to 2014, through the release of a hardcover book and unique music archive featuring 140 bands & artists and over 260 tracks. Available now in a strictly limited edition!


BNE >The Definitive Archive<

On this site (click the menu bar above) you’ll find information on the book and its contents and tracks (including where to buy it), BNE events, frequently asked questions on the BNE project, additions and errata, and other resources.

All profits from the package release are being donated to the Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust, which aims to improve the wellbeing of the most marginalised, vulnerable members of the Brisbane community.

The BNE Deluxe Edition is available at selected independent book and record stores, as well as online via Trans:Com. The special first edition (limited to 500 copies) is expected to sell out quickly, so orders are recommended to secure a copy.

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The BNE Package

See also the Trans:Com home page for news on the companion BNE Archive of reissues of long out of print electronic music albums from Brisbane bands and artists.

Feedback on BNE

  • Thank you very much for this unique book. It is a very complete overview! Interesting to read and even more interesting to listen to. It’s a real treasure for the history of music and a great addition to my collection!
  • Wow – just wow. LOVING the book, and all the sound files too – so thorough, such an interesting idea – and so brilliantly compiled, and curated.
  • The book is outstanding. It’s a work of art in it’s own right, and the quality shows how passionate you guys are about music. Great work.
  • It’s brilliant! Very slick package indeed! Content, styling, layout, printing, and the design of the audio card itself are all sublimely cool. It reminds me of the sort of publication you would buy at the NY Guggenheim gallery bookshop, curating and documenting an artistic movement.
  • Book is virtually impossible to read in a linear fashion so every time I open it I find something different – a good feature in a coffee table book.
  • Must say that its FANTASTIC! A treasure indeed. A great production… very readable and one page MUST lead into the next…. its like a good hot coffee…. and you must be commended for this great production.
  • You’ve done a remarkable thing with this project…
  • Loving the book & music! hilarious anecdotes, & so many tracks triggering old memories!
  • The book is fantastic, an excellent achievement. Thanks so much for all the hard work that would have gone into pulling that together.
  • The book is amazing and very shiny.
  • Dear mother of God! What a Magnum Opus it is – really, I actually learned so much. It’s truly mind-boggling what quietly (and not so quietly) went on over the past few decades here. This is an epic venture that immortalises the cultural zeitgeist of the time.
  • The book looks and feels sensational. I must commend you for a world class effort. The aesthetic realisation of the project is unprecedented in so far as Brisbane music archival documentation goes in my opinion. It’s also unprecedented in both manner and form… impeccably accurate (meticulously clinical) but aesthetically pleasing (arty, warm and fun to read). The twain rarely converge – good work. Ergo, you nailed it!