Ande Foster: Deep In The Techno Den


This is the first in a series of archival releases from TransCom that maps out Brisbane’s electronic underground.

Composing with computers since 1993, Ande was part of an underground movement in east coast Australia including Clan Analogue and Transmission Communications. Infiltrating the pub rock dominated scene and performing live dance music, Ande was in an active and daring crew.

In 1996 a move to Japan brought an opportunity to perform and be involved in dance festivals in outdoor locations such as Mt Fuji and in many of the clubs of Tokyo, in Rappongi, Shinjuku and Shibuya. Working on collaborative projects with Japanese artists was an enlightening, but linguistically challenging experience.

After returning to Australia, Ande and his partner Su established Soundhive, an audio production company, as well as performing and helping out with the Dragonflight (outdoor dance festival) crew.

This release gathers some of Ande’s earliest techno creations from an earlier and perhaps more primordially creative time in the Brisbane underground electronic scene. Its a rich and raw techno sound that emanates from Ande’s analogue kit. Essential listening for anyone even remotely interested in Australian electronica and its true originators.

Ande: Thanks to Transcom and the Brisbane underground electronic dance music crew, Su Foster, Lee Hogg, Pip Theobold, Vanessa Mitchell, Wave, Jilly Magee, Brendan Palmer, Clare McGrogan, Michael Hogg, Jayrama Bryan, Clan Analogue, Justin Ruskey all the DJs, promoters and party people that made the early 90’s a magic time to put on parties and play live.

Ande’s “Deep In The Techno Den” is a Trans:Com digital release exclusively through iTunes and Bandcamp.


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