All Electric Kitchen: Elementary Urban Sanity


People surviving the end of a day. Calling the cat to come inside for the night. Battening the hatch. Shutting out the evil that waits in the dark and the recesses of our imaginations. Keep the family safe till morning forces back the spirits of the unknown.
In Stanley Kubrik’s film version of the Arthur C Clarke novel, ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ it depicted our ape like ancestors huddled together in a cave. Wide awake at night and listening to the outside world and hoping to be safe till morning. Was this the dawn of human thought? Was this the necessity for intelligence?

A CD capturing complex elements of electronic music in song, instrumental and experimental form. The All Electric Kitchen explore the darkness of urban life in synthesis with the machine. Reading like a Gibson novel, or the bitmap of a life, Elementary Urban Sanity strikes chords which can be both disturbing and danceable in the space of a few minutes. With influences ranging from Jarre, through the industrial scene and arriving at The Orb, AEK has delivered an impressive body of work. File under avante-garde / synth / industrial / techno.

The digital release of Elementary Urban Sanity includes a bonus track which featured on the Abstraction compilation.

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