Alieonix: Vu Va Seii


Alieonix represents the evolution of an artist who first found inspiration through the works of that pioneer of electronic music – Gary Numan. With The Force commanding him to purchase a synthesizer at an early age, Duncan Fairbrother set about deconstructing what he heard into sounds and textures later to find a home in Sphere; an original of the species that existed through the Nineties and released a number of brilliant neo-synthpop / dark wave tracks and techno remixes through TransCom. In the 21st century we find Duncan capitalising on his exposure to the best of British electro, trance & electronica in the development of Alieonix.

The debut release from Alieonix – Vu Va Seii – also features guests vocals from the always-extraordinary Manta Ray of Zephyw Timbre / My ninja Lover fame.

The Alieonix “Vu Va Seii” EP is a Trans:Com digital release exclusively through iTunes and Bandcamp.


Also available on iTunes