Abstraction (Compilation)


Abstraction, like its predecessor Evidence, brought together electronic artists, either totally debut, or new to Transmission. Like its predecessor, Abstraction was a unique Australian release, capturing the independent philosophy of the new electronic underground, and taking a snapshot of the newest music on offer in Brisbane and Australia in 1996.

We present 11 (eleven) bands and artists on a CD of many styles, covering a spectrum of electronic influences. Some of the acts, such as Glitch, Ostia, and Dogmachine are well known, and present their latest work. Others, such as First World, Dharma Buffer, and VISI, are new projects related to other acts we have represented (SonnenSystem, Blood Party, and Pure Bunk respectively). The remaining are totally new and we are proud to represent their excellent debuts, including Tycho Brahe, Jandy Rainbow, Inertia (from Perth), The All-Electric Kitchen (from Adelaide), and Velleity.

This CD illustrates the wide spectrum that is electronic music, from the techno/dance wizardry of Inertia and Jandy Rainbow, through the dub electronica of Dharma Buffer, the darker industry of VISI, Glitch, Dogmachine and the All-Electric Kitchen, the pop aesthetics of Tycho Brahe, Ostia and First World, and the leftfield noise experimentation of Velleity. This is a brilliant electronic compilation, and a fine introduction to the Northern electronic scene.

“Throw away any preconceptions you may have had about ‘electronic’ music out the window – Abstraction is a powerful testament to the innovation, class and quality of Brisbane artists who choose to use keyboards, samplers and synthesizers as their main tool of work (and that’s about as far as you’ll get if you’re searching for stylistic similarities amongst the eleven acts presented here)… Compilations can rarely be called definitive, but this one is as near dammit as doesn’t matter.” Bill Holdsworth: Rave Magazine


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